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Through Personal & Semi Private Training, your coach at MissFit Training is committed to guide you through your journey to MOVE well, FEEL better, and LIVE your awesome life!

Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions allow you to fit your program into your lifestyle to ensure you the best results. 


Samantha Cordova is selected as 2018 PFP Trainer of the Year Award finalist!

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[Alameda, Ca] (September 1, 2018) β€”Personal Fitness Professional, the leading industry resource for personal trainers and fitness professionals, is pleased to announce the twelve finalists for the 2019 PFP Trainer of the Year Award.

Local fitness professional, Samantha Cordova of MissFit Training, has been selected from among over 500 national applicants as one of twelve finalists for this prestigious award. The PFP Trainer of the Year is awarded to a fitness professional who is an exemplary leader in the industry and who demonstrates a strong commitment to his/her clients, career and community.

"We're excited to celebrate our 14th year of this award," said PFP Editor Lindsay Vastola. "The PFP Trainer of the Year Award highlights those in the industry who continue to raise the bar for their communities, their businesses and the industry as a whole. This award showcases the number of exceptional fitness professionals this industry has to offer."

Following the final round of application and judging, the 2019 winner will be announced on October 25th at the Club Industry Show in Chicago, as online at as well as their social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter. The winner will be featured in PFP’s 2019 Winter issue and will receive prizes from leading industry sponsors. For more contest information click here.

Personal Fitness ProfessionalsΒ is the leading professional media company specifically focused on independent fitness professionals, personal trainers group instructors, club, studio and franchise owners, club managers and fitness director/managers. Readers rely on the trade magazine and robust website to stay informed on industry developments and trends, cutting-edge products, continuing education resources and business-focused ideas to build a successful fitness career and business.

Samantha Cordova has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer since 2009. MissFit Training started in 2015, and moved to Alameda in 2016. The goal of MissFit Training is to contribute to the community by providing accessible educational workshops, supporting local nonprofit organizations, and providing quality Personal Training programs that encourage and support a lifelong and healthy lifestyle. Through the use of group training, she is able to provide a welcoming environment for any client to find success in their programs, along with a sense of community within the group. Samantha believes that through the support of others, we can find success by sharing our challenges and celebrating each others WINS- which ultimately will result in an improved quality of life.


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Personal Training is an individualized program that helps you stay accountable, learn more effective strategies for your goals, and is an opportunity to dig deep into what can really propel you into a more sustainable healthy lifestyle.

You can choose a frequency of 1 session per week to check in and keep you accountable; or, you can train 2-3 sessions per week and really hammer down on your health and fitness goals.Β 

Monthly or Session Packages are available for this Service.

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Semi Private Training combines the individualized benefits of Personal Training with the social and motivational aspect of Group Training.

Here, sessions have between 2-4 clients (max) working on their personal programs within a group setting.

Monthly or Session Packages are available for this Service.

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Group Training & Bootcamp Classes are designed to keep you moving, make you sweat, and challenge yourself with the motivational aspect of the larger group setting.

You will meet fellow MissFits and will be able to share your challenges, your wins, and your questions regarding your experience with your personal programs, and collaborate ideas and strategies that these athletes have learned along their own journey.Β 

Monthly or Class packs are available for this service.


Elicia R.

"Sam is a fantastic trainer. One of the best things about working with her is that she understands that a health and workout routine needs to fit into your life. It went from something that seemed daunting and unreachable to something that actually is attainable. She is so knowledgeable and will be happy to explain anything to you; no dumb questions! And no self-consciousness. She is 100% on your side and wants the best for you. And, it's really fun to work out with her! What more could you ask for?!"

David S.

"I've been training with Samantha for almost 2 years now, and she has quite literally and quite seriously changed my life! Sam is the definition of a star trainer--she really listens to you and adapts your training sessions to reach your goals, and researches any questions you have in order to make it so you get to where you want to go and understand why and how to get there. She also understands that we're all human, and like eating good food (and REAL food -- I'm talking hamburgers and donuts), and that there are ways you can adapt your life and your training so you don't have to deprive yourself to be healthy.

Best of all, she's hella fun. I'm not a huge exercise fan, but Sam makes working out a good time--I don't even notice how many friggin' burpees she's making me do, because we're just laughing the whole time."

Carissa C.

"Woot!  MissFit Training is my new jam!  Samantha was my personal trainer back at her previous location and she is really dillydarn good at what she does.   I was dealing with a lot of lower back and leg pain from an accident about a year and a half prior to meeting her and was getting super anxious about returning to my level of activity pre-accident and just simply getting out of a depression that the accident had thrown me into.  

Samantha listened to my story and tailored a plan to slowly ramp up my strength, agility and flexibility.  After four weeks of hard work (gonna give myself five stars for my own effort), my socks were rocked.  I was back on the softball field.  I was closer to pain-free as I had been in a long time, and it's because Samantha listens, she pushes you to your own goals, she celebrates those goals and creates new ones for you along the way so you never stop wanting to do better for yourself.  I worked with her for probably five months and really appreaciated her motivation and support.

I'm returning again, from a year+ long haiatus and am looking forward to getting my socks rocked some more.  I just started back up yesterday and I'm sore as sh*t as I'm writing this, but I can't wait to get back and get some more a$$kickery done to me."

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