Express Workouts by MissFit Training!
MissFit Training Instructional on the Floor Bridge using the Mini Band @MissFitTraining #MissFitTraining

Workout Wednesday 2

Express Workouts with MissFit Training!

MFT Cross-Over V-Ups as a great modification to the traditional V-Up!

Express Workouts with MissFit Training

💕 MFT WORKOUT WEDNESDAY 💕 Express Workouts with MissFit Training! These workouts will always be 20 minutes of less for your on-the-go lifestyle :)

Hey MissFits! Don't skip out on your warm up! Here's a super easy go-to routine* if you're not sure what to do before a workout. *Keep in mind: depending on what you're doing will determine the amount, type, and duration of a workout-specific warmup and be fully prepped for movement.

Hey MissFits! Here's an awesome floor based movement you can use for a dynamic stretch for internal and external rotation of the hips! Make sure your legs are at 90* at the knees (it changes the way the stretch feels). Move with control and look out for the next level progressions in a future video!

Hey MissFits! Here's a simple shoulder Warmup I used before my bench press day for this week's workouts. For Bench day, the accessory exercises were pull-ups, overhead presses, single arm rows, face pulls, and lateral raises.

Took a break on our hike to enjoy the scenery and be in the moment with my surroundings!