Ready, Set, MOVE YER ASS!!!!

Focus: Where do you start when you have a goal in mind, whether that's health, fitness, job related, family oriented- anything.... what is the first step?

Here we will get your mind right and get you moving toward those goals!

Welcome to the first blog post ever on the MissFit Training website! WOOT WOOT!
Included is a silly picture of me with the "Go get 'em, Tiger!" pose. 

As silly as it is, this is one of the FUNdamental aspects to creating the lifestyle you want to live. With my clients (and myself), we talk a lot about making realistic habit changes starting from where we are at RIGHT NOW :) 

One of the things that I highly discourage is for my clients to drop everything they currently do and are familiar with, just to try something drastically different. This can be super detrimental to your confidence and can set you back after you burn out on running with that shiny new process you dropped everything for. 

So todays talk has more to do with figuring out:

1) What do you want?

2) Where are you at?

and 3) What IS the next step?

So you decided on a goal. Whatever goal you have in mind, envision the big picture of what that ideal situation would be like. Think of all the details and write it out- put in on paper (or if your fancy, use the interwebz). Use this as your accountability, your reference to your WHY, and your motivation in case you find yourself getting side tracked along the way (because that will happen and that's ok). 

Now that you've written all that out and have a clearer picture on what that even looks like, do the same for where you are currently standing in comparison to your goal. Getting clarity on where you want to go and where you currently stand is one of the most important parts to creating lasting change in your life. Be sure to be just as clear when writing out your current situation as you were with visualizing your big picture goal. 

By performing these first two vital steps you can create the most attainable program plan for yourself with much more confidence and success.

The next step is to MOVE YER ASS! Literally- based on those two vital steps, you can reveal some really simple pathways to get yourself from Point A to Point B. In doing so, you simply have to start moving! You don't have to overthink it, you don't have to pre-plan the entire strategy and game plan- you literally have to dedicate part of your day to completing a single task on that pathway to move toward your big picture goal. 

This definitely seems obvious and simplistic in theory, but who says goal-setting has to be complicated? The point is that you get clarity on what it is that you want and with enough focus, you WILL get to your goals. No matter how slow you feel that process is taking you, remember to #KeepItMovin and CHOOSE to make your goals your reality. 

Let's talk about it! If you have a certain goal that you've been wanting to start on, send me a comment below, an email, a text message, a call and I can help you run through this process and decide on your next steps :) Many of my clients had to come to the realization that I wouldn't just sit here and make them change their life around- I work with them individually to make the easiest changes from where they are starting from. This is where their success is.  So try it out and send me your thoughts! I look forward to hearing your story! 





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